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What's to Come Fortune Telling Deck

What's to Come Fortune Telling Deck

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What's to Come?  Wouldn't we all love to know, this deck gives insight and a simple guided guess as to what the future holds for anyone who asks it.  This deck, designed by NKH is wonderful for connecting with the unseen realm for information of what is to come next in that moment. This deck uses the depiction of the crystal ball and eyes behind the dark curtain as thought visiting a psychic with a message of the possible future.  



How to use

Shuffle the Cards
Focus with intention on the Future 
Pull out one card from the deck
Take a moment to reflect on the message received
Is this a message that may coincide with your future or something you want to see, if not pull another card
This will help you decipher and manifest what you would like to see in the future for yourself or warn you of things you may not see on the horizon



71 cards
Card sized 2.75 x 3.5
Bag Included
Instructions included
300 gsm Smooth finish Card stock

Important Information

Bag color may vary
Once opened NKH Decks cannot be returned
Seal must be intact for a refund
This deck is for entertainment
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