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War Monsters Kids Playing Cards Game by ZHA

War Monsters Kids Playing Cards Game by ZHA

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War Monsters created by ZHA
Created by a kid for kids.  This deck of cards is a wonderful mix of creative artwork and easy fun entertaining game play.  The War Monsters deck is a new addition to the deck collection sold by NKH Tarot. The cards in this deck are sized at 2.5x3.5 and are designed for easy shuffling with 50 cards total.  

How to use this deck: Players evenly distribute cards.  Then each player puts a card down, depending on the Attack number on the bottom of the cards, the person with the highest monster attack number wins all the other cards.  This is done over and over until one player has all the cards.  The cards with stars win the hand regardless of the numbers, if two stars are put down at the same time another card must be put down by those players to decipher the winner.

***Bag color may vary***

**Once opened ZHA Decks cannot be returned. Seal must be intact for a refund**

This deck is for entertainment.



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