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Soul Connection Oracle Questions

Soul Connection Oracle Questions

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The Soul Connection Oracle Questions Deck is a tool to help guide people through self introspection and shadow work.  NKH created this deck by integrating both ink blots and profound questions to give the user insight into their deepest feelings and most hidden desires.  Learning what you want, what matters to you most, and how to overcome obstacles and challenges. This deck has many uses including daily journaling prompts, clarifying tarot readings, card pulls, pick a cards, and daily meditation insights. 



How to use

Shuffle the Oracle Cards
Pull out one to three cards from the deck
Look over the cards questions and ink blots
Ponder the answers to the questions
Decide if you see a positive or negative image in the ink blot
The cards should give you some very important insight


55 cards
Card sized 2.75 x 3.5
Bag Included
Instructions included
300 gsm Smooth finish Card stock


Important Information

Bag color may vary
Once opened NKH Decks cannot be returned
Seal must be intact for a refund
This deck is for entertainment.
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