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Lucid Dream Tarot Deck

Lucid Dream Tarot Deck

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The Lucid Dream Tarot Deck imagery is very Avant guard combining fashion, color, elements, and the zodiac signs but still maintains the meanings of the traditional tarot. An eye catching stylish and artistic deck created by NKH to stand out in any collection. 




How to use

Shuffle the cards with a question in mind
Pull a single card for a simple reading or several cards for a more in depth reading
Look over the words, symbols, and imagery, paying attention to what comes to mind intuitively
To figure out how a certain card relates to your question, check your deck's reference book for guidance on card meanings



78 cards- Major Arcana and Minor Arcana 
Sized 2.75x4.75
Bag Included
Guidebook Included
300 gsm Smooth finish Card stock


Important Information

Bag color may vary
Once opened NKH Decks cannot be returned
Seal must be intact for a refund
This deck is for entertainment
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