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Karma Cards Deck

Karma Cards Deck

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We are all aware of the sayings "what goes around comes around", and "Karma is a B**ch."   The Karma Cards Deck is designed to help clarify the Karmic retribution that will occur for anyone that it is asked about.  NKH brought this deck to life with a cool Gothic look including things like lace, skulls, and the colors black, white, and red.  Each card gives the karmic energy that will be dealt, including things like financial devastation, horrifying nightmares, and being cat fished.  This deck is not only fun to use but also lends to tarot readings, pick a cards, daily card pulls, divination spreads and so much more.


How to use

Shuffle the deck
Think of the person whose Karma you would like to gage
Pull a card or several and be informed on the type of karmic exchanges that will take effect
The karma experiences are phrased in the categories of Bad, Not that Bad, and Really Bad
Karma can come in the actual form stated on the card or the energy and feelings that form brings about



55 cards
Card sized 2.75 x 3.5
Bag Included
Instructions included
300 gsm Smooth finish Card stock
Black, White, and Red Gothic Design
Important Information
Bag color may vary
Once opened NKH Decks cannot be returned
Seal must be intact for a refund
This deck is for entertainment




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