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Energy Aura Reading Deck

Energy Aura Reading Deck

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Each person has a unique and different aura. The Energy Aura Deck is an amazing deck that has a style never seen before. This deck is used to see the colors of any persons Aura as well as their significant personality traits based on their Sun, Moon, and Rising zodiac birth signs. This deck is an original design from the mind of artist and divination deck creator NKH. Use this colorfully vibrant and informative deck in readings for others or just to find out more about yourself and those close to you.  



How to use

Pull any individuals sun moon and rising signs-Ex:  Aquarius sun, Taurus Moon and Libra Rising
The Aura colors appear on the backs with the colors for each sign, which will be different for everyone
On the other side find facts and traits of their personality type based on those zodiac signs Sun Moon and Rising



40 cards
Card sized 2.75 x 4.75
Bag Included
Instructions included
300 gsm Smooth finish Card stock


Important Information

Bag color may vary
Once opened NKH Decks cannot be returned
Seal must be intact for a refund
This deck is for entertainment.


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