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Spiritual cards gift set

Spiritual cards gift set

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This Spiritual cards gift set includes two divination oracle cards decks with 55 cards and The Truth Tarot Deck with 78 Major and Minor Arcana Cards and guidebook which creates the most incredible Tarot bundle. The All the Answers Deck is a yes or no deck great for simple to the point answers while the Timeframe deck provides a time period of when something will happen. These amazing oracle decks and tarot deck are created by the artist NKH and printed at the size of 2.75x3.5 and 3.75x4.75 standard tarot size which make them perfect for on the go use and easy to carry. Cards are soft and easy to shuffle on a wonderful 300gsm card stock.

Order includes:
1-All the Answers Deck
1-Time Frame Deck
1-Truth Tarot Deck and Guidebook
3 Deck Bags *Colors may vary
1 - Reading Cloth
1- Velvet Satchel of Crystals (crystals may vary)


***Bag colors may vary***

**Once opened NKH Decks cannot be returned. Seal must be intact for a refund**

Decks are for entertainment.

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