Have you ever dreamed of losing your teeth?

Have you ever dreamed of losing your teeth?


Dreams can be wonderful, crazy, sweet, horrifying, and everything else in between. What they mean, and how they can impact you is an important aspect in witchcraft. So with this series, I aim to dissect what your dream means  and then I’ll share a magical method to combat, heighten, or open the channels to manifestation of said dreams.


Dream:   Teeth Falling Out

Dreaming about your teeth falling out or crumbling.

You suffer from deep rooted anxieties about your appearance. Although it may not be publicly shown, you care a great deal how others perceive you.  What you fear is being rejected. What you fear are the emotions that come with rejection.

Efforts to Combat: Place an energy cleansing black tourmaline crystal near your bed. Fill a white cloth bag with anise seeds, mullein leaves, or dried rosemary. Place it inside of your pillowcase to guard you from nightmares.


“Pay heed to the dreams you are blessed with the remembrance of.”



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