Shadow Work : Pisces

Shadow Work : Pisces

 Quarterly Shadow Work Tarot Card Reading for January – March. In this reading, we will explore six cards that provide insights into your subconscious, hidden aspects, and potential challenges. Let's dive into the mystical realm of the Tarot and uncover the wisdom it holds.

How can you best access your shadow self?

The Moon Reversed

The Moon Reversed signifies a need to trust your intuition and delve deeper into your emotions. By embracing your inner voice and exploring your dreams and desires, you can unlock the gateway to your subconscious. Embrace your fears, insecurities, and hidden desires. Engaging in introspection, journaling, or seeking therapy can help you navigate this process.

What are you holding onto that is hurting you?

Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands suggests that you may be holding onto a fiery and assertive energy that is causing you harm. It's time to let go of control and allow yourself to be vulnerable. By releasing the need for power and embracing your softer side, you can find healing and liberation.

What are you not seeing clearly?

2 of Wands

The 2 of Wands indicates that you may be lacking clarity in your long-term goals and aspirations. Take a step back and reassess your path. Look beyond your current perspective and explore new possibilities. By broadening your horizons, you can gain a clearer vision of your future.

How will it negatively affect you if left unresolved or addressed?

6 of Swords

The 6 of Swords warns that if you ignore these unresolved issues, you may find yourself stuck in a state of emotional turmoil. It is crucial to confront and address these challenges to find peace and move forward. Seek support from trusted friends, therapists, or mentors to guide you through this transformative journey.

What is a healthy way to express your shadow self?

The Lovers

The Lovers card suggests that embracing love, compassion, and understanding is the key to expressing your shadow self in a healthy way. By accepting all aspects of yourself, both light and dark, you can integrate and balance these energies. Engage in self-care practices, cultivate self-love, and nurture your relationships to foster a harmonious expression of your shadow self.

What message does your shadow self have for you?

Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed indicates that your shadow self is urging you to release attachments to material possessions and external validation. Instead, focus on cultivating inner abundance and finding fulfillment in the present moment. Embrace simplicity, gratitude, and the richness of your relationships to experience true joy and contentment.

Remember, this Quarterly Shadow Work Tarot Card Reading is a tool for self-reflection and personal growth. Use these insights to navigate the upcoming months with awareness and intention. Embrace the shadows within you, for they hold the keys to your transformation and ultimate liberation.

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