Shadow Work : Leo

Shadow Work : Leo

Welcome to our in-depth analysis and explanation of the Quarterly Shadow Work Tarot Card Reading for January – March. In this reading, we will explore six different cards that provide insights into your subconscious, what you may be holding onto that is hurting you, what you may not be seeing clearly, the potential negative effects if left unresolved, a healthy way to express your shadow self, and a message from your shadow self. Let's dive in!

Card One: How can you best access your shadow self?

The 2 of Cups Reversed suggests that you may need to explore your emotions and relationships more deeply to access your shadow self. It could be beneficial to engage in open and honest conversations with loved ones or seek therapy to gain a better understanding of your emotional patterns. The 2 of Cups represents the need for emotional connection and harmony. To access your shadow self, it is essential to explore these emotions and establish a deep connection with yourself. 

Card Two: What are you holding onto that is hurting you?

The Queen of Swords indicates that you may be holding onto past hurts or grudges that are causing you pain. It's important to release these negative emotions and forgive yourself and others. It is important to recognize that clinging to these negative emotions only hinders your personal development. By letting go of grudges and choosing forgiveness, you can free yourself from the pain and create space for positive energy to flow.

Card Three: What are you not seeing clearly?

The Page of Wands suggests that you may not be seeing the opportunities for growth and creativity that are present in your life. Take a step back and reassess your situation. Look for new perspectives and be open to trying new things. Embrace your curiosity and allow it to guide you towards new possibilities. The Page of Wands indicates that you may not be seeing your full potential. You have untapped talents or opportunities that are waiting to be explored. Open your eyes.

Card Four: How will it negatively affect you if left unresolved or addressed?

The 3 of Swords warns that if you leave these unresolved issues unaddressed, they may continue to cause you emotional pain and heartache. It's crucial to confront and heal from past wounds to prevent them from affecting your present and future well-being. Seek support from trusted friends, family, or professionals to help you through this process.

Card Five: What is a healthy way to express your shadow self?

The Seven of Pentacles suggests that engaging in self-reflection and taking time to assess your goals and progress can be a healthy way to express your shadow self. Use this time to evaluate your achievements, learn from your mistakes, and make necessary adjustments. Embrace the process of growth and trust that your efforts will lead to positive outcomes.

Card Six: A message from your shadow self

The 9 of Wands brings a message from your shadow self to stay resilient and persevere. You have faced challenges in the past, and you have the strength and determination to overcome any obstacles that come your way. Trust in your  resilience. It reminds you that you have the strength to overcome Any challenges that come. Keep steady and push forward Leo.

Remember, this tarot card reading is meant to provide guidance and insights into your subconscious. Take the messages from each card as an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. Embrace the shadow work process and trust that it will lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself and a more fulfilling life.

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