March Tarot Reading for Virgo

March Tarot Reading for Virgo

Hey Virgo, ready for your cosmic forecast in March? Let's shuffle through those tarot cards and see what energies are swirling your way!


Seven of Cups Reversed. March kicks off with a touch of clarity in the air. Those confusing choices? Clearing up. Time to focus on what truly matters, Virgo.

The Magician Reversed. A bit of a cosmic signal to check your toolkit. March says maybe your usual tricks need a tweak. Time to reassess your skills and manifesting game.

Ten of Swords Reversed. Good news, the cosmic storm is passing. March brings a reprieve from tough times. Healing vibes are flowing, and you're rising from those challenges.

Judgment Reversed. A gentle cosmic reminder to ease up on the self-critique. March whispers self-acceptance. Be kind to yourself – judgments, be gone!

Ace of Wands. A spark of energy! March is like handing you a cosmic torch. New opportunities, creativity, and a burst of vitality. Time to embrace those fresh starts.

Seven of Wands Reversed. March is your chill pill. It's okay to drop those defenses a bit. You've conquered some battles; let yourself breathe and go with the flow.


The reversed Seven of Cups and Magician suggest a newfound clarity in choices and a reassessment of your manifesting powers.

The reversed Ten of Swords and Judgment invite healing and self-acceptance after challenging times.

The Ace of Wands ignites a burst of energy and fresh opportunities, while the reversed Seven of Wands encourages a relaxed approach to defenses.


March is about clarity, reassessment, healing, self-acceptance, fresh energy, and a laid-back vibe. Enjoy the cosmic journey, Virgo! 🌿

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