March Tarot Reading for Sagittarius

March Tarot Reading for Sagittarius

Hey Sagittarius, ready to unravel the cosmic mysteries of March? Let's shuffle through those tarot cards and see what adventures await.

Ace of Wands Reversed. March starts with a bit of a delay. But not to worry, Sagittarius, this just means you need a breather. Let those creative embers smolder for a bit before re-igniting.

Four of Wands. March brings exciting vibes. A moment of triumph, enjoy those victorious feels. Revel in the good times.

Two of Coins Reversed. A bit of cosmic juggling alert. March says maybe it's time to drop a few of the balls you got in the air. Streamline those tasks, Sagittarius, and focus on what truly matters.

Page of Cups Reversed. Your emotions might be doing a backflip this month. You gotta find yourself a way to stay grounded and stable. Keep those feels in check and navigate the emotional waves that come.

King of Coins Reversed. March says, pay attention to your money.  Take a moment to reassess, re-evaluate, and ensure your financial ship is sailing smoothly as you move forward. 

Three of Wands. This month concludes with a cosmic expansion, prompting exploration and fostering curiosity. Lean into it and enjoy the ride.


The reversed Ace of Wands and King of Coins suggest a theme of delayed creative sparks and financial caution.

The Four of Wands and Three of Wands bring a celebratory and expansive energy.

The reversed Two of Coins advises streamlining tasks, while the reversed Page of Cups signals emotional stability.

March is about celebrating triumphs, navigating emotional waters, financial reassessment, streamlining tasks, and setting sights on new adventures. Buckle up for the cosmic journey, Sagittarius! 🌌

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