March Tarot Reading for Libra

March Tarot Reading for Libra

Hey Libra, ready for your cosmic forecast in March? Let's shuffle through those tarot cards and see what vibes they're sending your way!


Libra March

Judgement: Can you say spiritual awakening? Well buckle up. Libra, this month you let go and release your old self, and step into a new, healthier version of yourself. Mind body and spirit. The purging of the old self can be a bit uncomfortable, but well worth it. Embrace the changes!


Hierophant: The Hierophant only further confirms a deep dive in your spirituality, your values, and who you surround yourself with. You will spend the month looking for guidance and wisdom from others, just to be able to fully put your owns beliefs into perspective. So go learn.


Wheel of Fortune: Oh the change that is coming for you. But don't freak out, its gonna be good. March is bringing changes that will improve your life, but you're gonna have to really let go of what was to accept what will be. You, shape your own destiny, remember that.


Four of Coins: A little financial wisdom coming your way. This month, pay attention to your safety net, or building one. You don't need to make this all consuming, but you definitely need to keep more of what you have and take control of your situation, even if done in baby steps. But also remember to not be so strict with yourself that you lose all the little pleasures in life. Make your money moves, but don't forget to treat yourself occasionally.


The Lovers: Love is in the air! Whether it's a romantic spark or a deep connection with a friend, March is all about nurturing those special relationships. Open communication and being real will carry the month. This is about the choice in who you are or how you connect with others. You've got some decisions to make.


Ace of Cups: A new emotional chapter is about to unfold. Whether it's a new love, a creative project, or a deeper connection, this month, you will see possibilities abound. You need to open your heart and and be ready to receive the emotional wellbeing and fulfillment that comes. Let love shine this month.

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