March Tarot Reading for Leo

March Tarot Reading for Leo

Hey Leo, ready to peek into your cosmic agenda for March? Let's unravel those tarot cards!


Eight of Coins Reversed: Looks like a temporary work pause or a skill reassessment. Don't fret; it's just a nudge to check if your grind aligns with your goals.

Nine of Wands: Brace yourself for a dose of resilience: This month might throw a few challenges your way, but guess what? You've got the grit to stand it all. Perseverance is your superpower this month.

Ten of Cups Reversed: In the emotional department, there might be a little turbulence. Family vibes could use some TLC. Open up those communication channels and iron out any wrinkles.

Knight of Wands Reversed: Hold those fiery impulses, Leo. March advises against impulsive actions. Take a step back, plan strategically, and avoid diving headfirst into decisions. Don't rush!

Knight of Coins Reversed: Financial detour alert! Watch those expenses, Leo. Be patient; the financial road might be a bit bumpy this month. Stability over speed, remember? Patience is definitely your theme for the month.

Nine of Swords: Just a  touch of anxiety. Remember to not let worries run wild. Address concerns head-on and seek support. Self care will be key this month.


The reversed Knights (Wands and Coins) signal a need for careful consideration before charging into action, emphasizing patience and planning.

The reversed Eight of Coins and Ten of Cups hint at a temporary work pause and emotional turbulence.

The Nine of Wands underscores your resilience during challenges, while the Nine of Swords reminds you to tackle anxieties head-on.

March is a balancing act, Leo – patience in decisions, nurturing family ties, and prioritizing self-care. You've got this! 🌟

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