March Tarot Reading for Capricorn

March Tarot Reading for Capricorn

Hey Capricorn, ready to dive into the cosmic landscape of March? Let's check out your tarot spread and see what vibes are rolling your way.



Three of Swords Reversed: Self criticism is the worst kind of criticism. Its not good for you, and remember, words, thoughts, and emotions have power. So don't be so hard on yourself, and cut the negative self talk out, Capricorn. Instead start speaking positive things to yourself.


Seven of Coins: You're realizing the value of putting in the time and energy now, for long term goals and rewards later. Keep an even tempo, and do not act with any haste. This month isn't about short term goals. Its about figuring out what your future is gonna be looking like.


Ace of Coins Reversed: Financial real talk right quick. Don't spend money you don't have. At least yet. Don't count on something that is not yet guaranteed. Make damn sure the funds hit your account before you swipe your card. Things are still not yet a 'sure thing'.


Queen of Coins Reversed: This month says maybe care about yourself a little more. You will be turning inward and nurturing yourself. Finally! Look babes, balance is key here. You cant help anyone else until you help yourself. So do yourself a favor and pencil in some "me time", and don't feel guilty about it.


The World: This month will see a completion of something. You've nailed a phase, a dream, a goal, an accomplishment, whatever it is, the universe is giving you a standing ovation. Well done Capricorn. Achievement looks good on you!


Page of Swords Reversed: You're gonna have a breakdown of communication. You hold back because you don't want to say something you'll regret, which might get you agreeing to sh*t your didn't want to agree to. For this month at least, don't make promises you can't keep. Be for real, and speak your truth. And never forget, 'No', is a complete sentence.

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