March Tarot Reading for Cancer

March Tarot Reading for Cancer

Hey Cancer, let's take a peek into your cosmic vibes for March. Tarot cards at the ready, let's see what's in store!

Ace of Coins. March is starting with a financial wink. New opportunities might pop up, whether it's a gig, investment, or a side hustle. Keep those eyes peeled.

Page of Swords. Your cosmic messenger. March encourages clear communication and curiosity. Dive into new ideas, be inquisitive, and keep those convos sharp.

Seven of Coins. Patience is the name of the game. March says, "sow those seeds." Whether it's in your career or personal projects, nurture what you've planted, and the cosmic garden will bloom.

Three of Swords. A bit of a cosmic reality check. March might bring a touch of heartache. It's okay to feel it, Cancer. Lean on your support system and let those emotions flow – healing is a process.

Queen of Coins. Financial wisdom alert! March wraps up with a regal touch. Your practical side shines, and those coins are well-managed. Time to own your financial realm.

Queen of Swords. March is ending on a sharp note. Your intellect is your power. Use that laser focus to cut through any confusion or bullshit and make decisions with clarity.


The Ace of Coins and Queen of Coins signal a financial theme – new opportunities at the start and a regal financial close.

The Page of Swords and Queen of Swords emphasize clear communication and intellectual prowess.

The Seven of Coins encourages patience in nurturing your endeavors, while the Three of Swords suggests a need for emotional healing.


March is about financial opportunities, sharp communication, patience in growth, addressing emotional wounds, and ending with financial prowess. Embrace the cosmic dance, Cancer! 🌙

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