March Tarot Reading for Aquarius

March Tarot Reading for Aquarius

Hey Aquarius, let's dive into your cosmic vibes for March – got those tarot cards ready? Let's see what the universe has in store!


Temperance. March is all about balance, my friend. Finding that sweet spot between work and play, patience and action. Your are in your moderation mode.

Star Reversed. Ease up, don't let that twinkle fade. This month might throw a curveball, but it's a gentle reminder to stay hopeful. Keep your cosmic lantern burning,  things will get better and fall back into alignment.

Five of Swords. Conflict is on the horizon. This month, you will need to watch out for unnecessary fights. Remember to choose your battles wisely, Aquarius, and avoid getting tangled in drama.

Ten of Wands Reversed. Stop trying to do everything. March is giving you a pass to drop some burdens, or mental loads. Delegate, let go of what's not working, and know that lighter vibes are ahead.

Three of Cups. This month brings a social flair. Whether it's virtual hangouts or a small gathering, with family or friends, soak up those good vibes with your people.

The Chariot. Full steam ahead! March gives you the green light to charge towards your goals. Buckle up, focus, and let your success roll on in.



Temperance and The Chariot blend harmoniously – balancing your energies and charging forward with purpose.

The reversed Star and reversed Ten of Wands suggest a need for adjusting expectations and lightening your load.

The Five of Swords warns against unnecessary conflicts, while the Three of Cups signals a time for social joy.

March is about finding equilibrium, overcoming challenges, letting go of what weighs you down, and enjoying some well-deserved victories. Keep riding that cosmic wave, Aquarius! 🚀

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