How to Create Your Own Moon Water

How to Create Your Own Moon Water


How to Create Moon Water

Creating moon water is a simple process that requires just a few basic steps:

Step 1: Choose a Container

Start by selecting a clean, glass container to hold your moon water. Glass is preferred because it is believed to be the most energetically neutral material.

Step 2: Set Your Intentions

Before placing your water outside, take a moment to set your intentions. Think about what you hope to achieve or manifest in your life. It could be anything from love and abundance to peace and healing.

Step 3: Place the Water Outside

On the night of the full moon, fill your chosen container with water and place it outside where it will be directly exposed to the moonlight. If you don't have access to outdoor space, you can place it near a window where it will still receive moonlight.

Step 4: Retrieve Your Moon Water

In the morning, retrieve your moon water and bring it inside. It is now infused with the energy of the moon and your intentions.

How to Use Moon Water

Moon water can be used in a variety of ways:


Many people choose to drink moon water as a way to absorb its energy and intentions. Simply pour yourself a glass and savor the refreshing taste.

Watering Plants

Using moon water to water your plants is believed to promote growth and vitality. Give your plants a boost by incorporating moon water into your watering routine.


Moon water can also be used as a cleansing tool. Spritz it around your home or onto your body to clear away negative energy and promote a sense of peace.

Final Thoughts

Creating your own moon water is a beautiful and meaningful practice that allows you to connect with the natural world and infuse your intentions into everyday life. Whether you choose to drink it, use it for plants, or cleanse your space, moon water can be a powerful tool for promoting well-being and positive energy.

Remember, the most important aspect of creating moon water is setting your intentions and connecting with the energy of the moon. 

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